Hailey Bieber said to be frustrated by Justin’s lack of maturity.

hailey justin bieber

Justin and Hailey Bieber are reportedly experiencing a rough patch, engaging in frequent arguments. According to a recent report from the National Enquirer, Hailey is growing weary of her husband’s immature behavior, with the couple also struggling to find common ground regarding starting a family.

During their recent outing to the Super Bowl on February 11, the couple displayed a chilly demeanor. Justin appeared uninterested during longtime friend Usher’s performance, while Hailey danced with Khloe Kardashian and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Insiders noted Justin’s apparent lack of enthusiasm, remarking that he seemed disinterested in being with his wife.

Furthermore, sources highlighted the couple’s challenges with health issues that kept them largely confined to their home. Justin battled Lyme disease in 2021, while Hailey experienced a mini-stroke in 2022 and was subsequently diagnosed with patent foramen ovale (PTO), a heart condition involving a hole between the atria.

“They barely left the house in three years,” one insider revealed. “From Hailey’s perspective, they’re spending too much time together. She’s simply fed up with him!”

Another point of contention in their relationship is Justin’s penchant for dressing and behaving like a teenager. According to a source, Hailey finds it challenging to tolerate his wardrobe choices and juvenile behavior, leading to frequent arguments.

“It’s like living with a child. She can’t even stand his clothing,” remarked one insider. “He’s excessively needy, and she’s exhausted from playing the role of his caretaker. They’ve been arguing constantly.”

In response to their strained relationship, Hailey has reportedly been immersing herself in partying with her friends. Initially intended to make Justin jealous and prompt him to change his ways, she now finds enjoyment in the attention she receives from other men while Justin remains at home playing video games.

“If things don’t improve, Hailey will consider leaving and making Justin face the consequences!” added a source.