Joe Biden Declared ‘Fit to Lead’ Despite Age Controversy

Joe Biden

The doctor of US President Joe Biden confirmed on Wednesday that he remains in good health and is fit to carry out his duties without any issues. This assessment comes following his annual medical examination at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, which is particularly pertinent given the upcoming election where his age is a focal point, often emphasized by his GOP opponent, Donald Trump.

Despite recent concerns raised by a special counsel report regarding Biden’s age and memory, the White House doctor, Kevin O’Connor, stated that Biden is fully capable of fulfilling his responsibilities without any special provisions. Biden himself joked about his health, suggesting that doctors think he looks too young. Apart from minor matters such as using a device to aid sleep and undergoing emergency dental treatment, Biden’s health remains largely stable, with no significant changes from the previous year.

While Biden does experience some minor issues like stiffness in his walk due to spinal wear and tear and a minor heart valve concern, the comprehensive examination revealed no alarming neurological issues such as Parkinson’s disease or stroke. O’Connor concluded that Biden, at 81 years old, is healthy and active enough to continue executing his presidential duties effectively.

The timing of Biden’s medical checkup coincides with increasing public concern over the age of a potential leader who would be in his mid-80s by the end of a second term. These concerns were exacerbated by the findings of the special counsel report, although Biden vehemently defended the state of his memory during a press conference at the White House.

Despite calls for Biden to undergo a cognitive test, the White House maintains that such assessments are unnecessary, arguing that Biden demonstrates his cognitive abilities daily through his handling of complex domestic and international issues. Biden has also lightened the mood around the age issue, often turning the focus back to his opponent, Trump, who is also in his late 70s.

In the previous year’s medical examination, Biden received a clean bill of health, although he did undergo treatment for a cancerous skin lesion. Meanwhile, Trump continues to portray Biden as old and unfit for office, despite occasional gaffes made by Trump himself regarding other political figures’ identities and positions.