Selena Gomez Opens Up About ‘Weird’ Situation with Beau Benny Blanco

selena gomez

Selena Gomez has previously opened up about her romance with her new beau Benny Blanco. The ‘Only Murders In The Building’ actress expressed her contentment with the music producer, though they recently encountered an uncomfortable moment when Blanco divulged one of Selena’s nighttime habits.

The celebrity duo attended the 2024 Emmy Awards together, and despite a successful ceremony, Selena revealed an awkward encounter with actor Jason Segel. During her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she recounted the incident.

Selena confessed to enjoying falling asleep while watching television, particularly her favorite show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ starring Jason Segel. She considered it a peculiar habit, which her boyfriend also noticed.

At the Emmys, Selena attempted to greet Segel with a wave, only to realize he was waving at someone else. The situation escalated when Segel approached her. “He felt awkward and felt the need to come over,” she explained. “And then my boyfriend says [to Segel], ‘Oh, she falls asleep to you every night.'”

“He’s just being honest, I suppose,” the host interjected. Selena responded to her boyfriend by remarking, “That’s weird!” Despite the unexpected moment, the couple’s romance remains strong. “Overall, it’s the safest I’ve felt, and it’s been really lovely. I’ve only grown from it, so it’s awesome,” she shared during an interview on ‘New Music Daily on Apple Music 1.’

“I think it’s crucial to be with someone who respects you,” Selena emphasized. The duo went public with their relationship in December 2023, with Selena sharing their love on social media.